Butterfly tattoo/mani























It was sunny, bright blue skies and exactly 2 years after my brainbleeding, 15/03/11, the perfect date for my new tattoo. It was the first beautiful springlike day of 2011, very special and unexpected. I had been looking forward to this for so long but wasn’t allowed to get another tattoo since I was on bloodthinners for quite a while. I wanted 4 butterflies on my inner ankle/leg. The number 4 has always been my lucky number, although it has never brought me any fortune, I’ve always been drawn to that number! Weird uh? :)

I’ve been the proud owner of a tattoo already, a design I had been in love with from the first moment I had seen it. But something went wrong. The shop I went to was pretty well known (my sister and stepbrother had already gotten a tattoo there) so I expected a lot. Unfortunately, the woman who tattoo’d me was a guestartist and she didn’t put in the details I wanted. I just accepted it the way it was and figured I could always have someone adjust it later on. I decided to get it fixed in the same appointment of my new tattoo. Since it’s kinda hard to make a good picture of my back I can only show you my original tattoo for now(yes it was summer lol, I want my tanned back back!) :












And my new one….in the bright morning sun ♥












Each butterfly represents a part of my life. The lowest and biggest butterfly is for Health/Life, something I now value above all other things. The other three are Love, Happiness and Knowledge. In knowledge I also think of school, which I’m still trying to finish after missing half a year because I was recovering at home. It’s getting somewhere though! In June I’ll be done with lawschool and in September I want to start at another university to specialize.

I’m not going to get all smoochy and sentimental here, but justremember to live and enjoy each and every moment.. cause you never know when it will all end. Make the best of it and have no regrets. Things happen for a reason, learn from it, and move on stronger! *end preach* ;)

Take care sweet internetfriends and thank you for inspiring me each and every day! HUG!

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2 Responses to Butterfly tattoo/mani

  1. lunca says:

    UAU :O This manicure is amazing :D And great blog of course!
    Keep my fingers crossed for everything to be good :)

  2. Sonja says:

    Prachtig! Ik ben gek op vlinders!

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