Review: Born Pretty Store – red crackle!

Ghello! I is back! Today is my comeback day, the sun is shining and I gave myself a day off from all the schoolwork I still have laying around. First things first though, cause I’ve been putting a review on hold for quite a while and now’s the time to make it happen.

Jessica from Born Pretty Store contacted me in January if I would be willing to review some of their products. Can you imagine how flattered I was? Did someone actually come to ME?! for a review? That’s a first :) She gave me the opportunity to pick some items from her shop and two weeks later I received her package, yay!

Since it’s been a crackle walhalla in nailpolishland lately I figured I’d introduce you to a (to me unknown) polish brand with a wide variety of crackle colors: Kelier Nail.












The name of this polish is ‘red’ which is a little misleading since this baby is very vibrant pink! Not bad at all actually, cause the tought of a pink crackle excites me even more! I’ve never tried a crackle polish before so I was very anxious to see the results…












I applied one normal coat of Kelier on my still wet Essence Lime Up!. I’ve read several reviews in which was said that applying on a dry base would make it not crack properly. I didn’t wanna take the risk. After applying the waiting and staring part began.. it didn’t take long though!








 final judgement? ♥ HOLY COW!♥ This looks so cool, seriously! I think the base gives great contrast to the bright pink. I would totally wear this again. I didn’t apply a topcoat, yet. You can imagine that would make the mani even more beautiful and glossy. This crackle costs only $4.52 and the available colors are: black, purple, green, yellow, watermelon (!), blue and red.

A special thanks goes out to Jessica from Born Pretty Store for her kindness and generousity. You can visit the store at and see the great (cheap!) products for yourself. Also, shipping is FREE! I’m very glad to tell you something else as well, you can now use the coupon code BP299 to get a free Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate!

See you soon and thanks for stopping by again dearies!

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2 Responses to Review: Born Pretty Store – red crackle!

  1. Avinash says:

    Go to Sally’s beauty sluppy or your local sluppy store and purchase acrylic remover. You can also purchase pure acetone. Be sure to use a glass bowl. Soak 4 fingers at a time. Get an orangewood stick to so you can scrap the acrylic when it gets gummy. It will be messy but it won’t take to long. Once you get down to your own nail, take a white buffing block and gently buff off the remaining residue. Apply a clear nail hardener. I’ve tried the soaking with the cotton balls but its takes longer and I don’t like the idea of it being wrapped under foil. The acetone needs to breath because the vapors can be toxic if there isn’t enough ventilation.

  2. BeJessica says:

    Wow, you are an artist. I really like your nail design ideas. I found a halloween design of yours and I hope there´s no problem if I used to give ideas in my blog. Obviously I leave your signature. And I mention that the images shown are not made ​​by me.


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