O’hai !

This blog belongs to me, a 25 yo girl from The Netherlands who has a slight obsession for decorating and polishing nails.

I used to bite my nails badly (read: BADLY badly!). For years and years I had these aweful ravaged stumps for nails.

I realized it couldn’t go on like this. I started with acryllic nails which was a major eye-opener for me. I never would have thought your appearance can be so different with beautiful healthy nails.

I have had acryllic nails for about a year, until my own nails had grown underneath them and began to grow strong.  THEN! The day had arrived I was able to take the fakies off and reveal…grown but severly damaged nails..

I went to the drugstore and got some intensive care cream for my hands and nails and bought the O.P.I. Nail Envy in Original.

My nails have grown a lot since then and I’m even confident enough to share those nails with the interwebs on a daily basis!

Sometimes I wish I had the creative mind like some of you and the fellow bloggers here, sadly I don’t. My goal is to make nailart designs that are accessable to everyone. I will also swatch nailpolishes that are really worth having.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’d love to hear from you in any way and anytime! ♥