SOTD: Gosh Holographic

As promised, my share of the well known Gosh Holographic. I never really had that much interest in this one but when I heard it was going to be discontinued I had to go and get it, to sooth my mind. What if?!?!?!? I ever decide I do want it and you can’t get it anymore?!?! The drama, right? ;) So here we are, on request.. no wait.. rather a command from Jeanette on twitter (from the lovely that I HAD to use it, since it was still sealed and never used :$






















Before putting it on I had my doubts, why even try it since it can never top Nfu Oh’s 63 (the only Nfu Oh holo I own) anyway! But, I’m taking back these silly words, it cannot top it, but it can’t be compared either! This is a totally different holo. It’s a lot less in your face and the main focus is on the silver bling. Then when you actually move your fingers there is this very special holo effect which totally blew my mind :D

Application was smooth. I did use Gosh’s Fix Base Coat to be sure of no bald spots while applying multiple coats. It works like a charm and dried very quickly. The pictures show 3 thin coats, but 2 would have been just fine!

My sister gave me a cute idea today, she told me I had to make a Barbapapa mani..I really hope the majority of you isn’t going like “what the PEEP is Barbapablahblah?” haha. It’s a animated series for children and in my childhood days my sister and I were totally hooked on it haha. I’d say, if it doesn’t ring a bell, do Google it and laugh, then you know what to expect in my next post haha. Have a nice day girllssssss and see ya soon again! :D

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SOTD: Nfu Oh 51

Oh oh oh, it’s been so long! I know! I can think of a million excuses but I won’t go there ;) I figured I’d pull one from my achives that I have’t showed you yet. I know it’s been featured like 508374859347535 times but hey, one can never get enough of this one, eh? :D don’t think I need to put a lot down of words to describe this lacquer, it’s pure 200% awesomeness! Flakey rainbow heaven baby, ooooh yeah! Take a look:

the oh so pretty bottle ♥












in the shade ♥












oh sunny days! ♥












Stay tuned for more awesomeness, tomorrow I’m showing you the well known and discontinued Gosh Holographic! I was happy to score this polish before it was totally sold out once the news of it being discontinued came out.

Now time for some R&R (rest & relaxation), I’ve been walking around in Rotterdam all day, a dutch city where a Tattoo Convention was held, was very inspiring! Saw some amazing things, even things that made me alter my design for the second tattoo I’m getting this tuesday, whohoo! Think I’ll do a post about it with pictures and a matching mani, oh the fun! ;) Thnx for stopping by! ☼

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SOTD: Koh Blue Universe

Aaannnddd a new Swatch of the Day.. I still find it remarkable how some polishbrands aren’t as popular as they should be. An example is Koh! I think in this case it’s because Koh is hardly sold outside of The Netherlands, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Koh has some amazing colors that are truely unique. One I just had to show is the flakielicious Blue Universe. Let the pictures do the talking…


































Please refer to the ‘bottle-picture’ for the real color. I didn’t think this color would be so hard to photograph, due to the light from outside it looks brighter blue than it is. Let me tell you that this polish is a true gem for your collection. I have never seen a color like this, a some sort of dusty blue with teeny tiny silver particles and rainbow (but mainly red/orange) flakies. Koh nailpolishes retail for €14,95 (around $19) and are available at de Bijenkorf A’dam (NL), Douglas (EU) and their website

It’s 8 o’clock in the evening here and I’m going to turn on my tv and relax a bit. Tomorrow a new day, new problems, new challenges AND a new mani ;) Goodnight! ♥

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Explanation from Glitter Gal Australia

Hi again! Remember the beautiful swatches I made a while ago of the purple 3D holographic polish I had received from Glitter Gal? Click *here* if you don’t. I was so pleasantly surprised by the amazing holo effect but a little disappointed by the shipping costs and the small bottles versus the price. Kerry from Glitter Gal took the time to explain this to me and I wanted to share her story with you :)

Dear Iris,

Hi, how have you been, hopefully you have been great.

Thanks so much for your review, we appreciate your time.

I thought I would help you understand a couple of points you brought to our attention in your blog and we appreciate that you have, as we can explain these and hopefully you’ll understand our reasons.


Originally we sent orders by regular Australia Post, however, a large proportion of our orders never made their destination.  We would then have to re-send the order, at our expense.  This was not economical for us, so we tested a number of orders being sent by Australian Registered Post and everyone, to date, has reached its destination successfully.

Upon request we can send products through regular postage and this will be around $11.00, depending upon number of items.  If our customers feel it is safe to do this.

We only charge what Australia Post charge us and make no money whatsoever on postage as we are aware of the costs involved.

We do send small blogger samples out by regular post which is cheaper for us as we are giving away free product so we are trying to minimise this cost.  We recognise and value each and every blogger that goes to the effort to take time out of their day to comment/write on our products so it is our way of saying thank you.


We have been, and are continuing to ask all our bloggers and customers if they know anyone that may have an on-line shop or conventional store that may consider stocking our products as we receive so many international orders, which we appreciate.   We are trying to seek stores in various countries to stock our products.  When we establish a stockist we will then update all our bloggers/customers and they can then purchase within their countries.

We offer our stockist great margins and hopefully someone soon in your country will stock our range.

We are just organising our first Brazilian on-line stockist, yeah! Also by the end of the year we are hopeful to have a US stockist.  These things take such a long time to evolve.

Small holographic nail polish

Just for your understanding I’ll explain the reason for the holographic bottle size.

We use “true” holographic particles in our formulation.  This one ingredient is 30 times more expensive than any other nail polish ingredient.  Thus making our holographic nail polish the highest quality possible.  You noticed the exceptional quality.  They are also the “Big 3 Free”.

As you are aware many other companies have tried create holographics, but use the more affordable ingredients, which don’t give the polishes the same “holo” effect and therefore they can sell the larger bottles more cheaply, but they are not “true” holographics.

By the end of the year we will have holos in larger bottles, though these will cost a little more than the smaller bottles, but will give our customers the option of bottle sizes and price.

If you would like me to send you any further information please do not hesitate to email me.

Have a great week and I look forward speaking with you soon.

Kind regards Kerry Howell

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kerry for her time and effort in clearifying some things I was concerned about. Conclusion:

- You can get your Glitter Gal polishes for just 11 $ shippingcosts!!
(at own risk and depending on number of items) :-D
Smaller bottles but “true” holographic particles = *in your face awesome holo effect*
- Toluene, formaldehyde, and DBP free!
- And last but not least: great service from the sweet Kerry and Anna

You can see the big range of polishes at and don’t forget to check out their Holographic collection, cause afterall, bling is what we want right? ;) You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for reading and take care :)

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A few weeks back I bought the Konad m66 plate, you know, the one with all the asian designs like blossoms and bamboo. Then yesterday I discovered a Konad stand at our local market, wow?! This means I will never have to order online anymore, she had everything, plates, konadpolishes, beads, rhinestones etc. She even gave me a big discount, I bought 3 konadpolishes in red, green and pearl blue + imageplate m77 and she charged me 15 euro. Maybe she wanted me the hell outta there cause I was so over-enthousiastic, aw I guess we’ll never know :-D

Since I really wanted to try out the bamboo design and my new green stampingpolish I decided to go for a panda mani. I wanted to keep the colors close to eachother cause I was worried it would become too ‘busy’. The outcome….























Panda overload! It was drawn with my ebay striper in black, OPI Alpine Snow and 2 small black beads from (review inc soon!:)) The bamboo image is from imageplate m66 and I took the flowers from a design on plate m77. Then I added some lightgreen rhinestones, some INM topcoat and here we are!

Thank you so much for stopping by again, I know I haven’t been updating that much lately, trying my best though! Work and school are taking the best of me, forgive me for that! I hope you have a great weekend ♥

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope this day (well, tomorrow actually) is going to be very romantic and etc etc etc for all of you! ♥ Personally I’m facing a lonely workfilled Valentine, so the least I could do is cheer myself up with a bright red in your face mani right? The good thing about being at work instead of at home during a day like this is that I won’t see all those sweet men on the streets with flowers, sigh, it’s like all the ‘good ones’ are taken!! Please make more of them! Pleaaasseee! Enough with the selfpitty, on to the mani! I greyed out the pictures because Valentine’s Day, in my opinion, has two sides. Ofcourse the thought of being sweet to oneanother is great, but the commercial thought overshadowing this makes it stupid. Seriously, our local florist charges 5 euro (like 7 or 8 dollars) for ONE FREAKING ROSE?! Seriously? And then the day after it’s back to 1 euro again, well, floristman, screw you!


























The imageplates I’ve used are M72 for the l.o.v.e.u.♥ design and BM08 for the big heart on the thumb. The beautiful perfect bright red is the Essence Show Your Feet (ehm) in 07 Hot Red, a must have! Applied like a dream and opaque in 1 coat. Also, since it’s supposed to be for your toenails, it has an antibacterial formula! Whatever the heck that may be!

Off to bed now to get a few more hours of sleep before work, goodnight peeps and enjoy your Valentine’s Day :) x

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More Sanrio: Keroppi!

Ever since my Hello Kitty mani I’ve been kinda hooked on Sanrio designs, mostly because they are CUTE AS HELL and also very easily drawn! So don’t be surprised to see more of Sanrio here, think of Chococat and Badtz‑Maru :D This manicure was inspired by a tutorial made by 3TanjaJ3 on YouTube. I saw it and was absolutely sold. My mani doesn’t even come close to how neat she did it but I still think it worked out ok. The blue base is the uberpretty Essie Lapis of Luxury and Keroppi is made of Catrice Sold Out Forever with OPI Alpine Snow. The lines I made with Rimmel 800 Black Out and a nail art pencil.























The whole mani was sealed by a thick coat of Seche Vite. The thickness part wasn’t my own desicion, since Seche seems to have his own agenda for that. It annoys the PEEP out of my so I have ordered a bottle of INM fast drying topcoat to see if all the good reviews apply to me too! You will know when I know ;)

Now tell me, is this cute.. or childish? Would you like to see more like this? Or rather back to ‘normal’ nailart? :) Take care and enjoy your free time ♥

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