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Gold Out Forever! (dollar nail art review)

Yesterday my Dollar Nail Art order arrived and I finally got to work with some of the great stuff they sell there. I’m aiming at the Laser Lace. Laser Lace is a luminous weave of delicate fibers woven so closely together it can could be defined as lace. It’s available in 10 vibrant colors and I chose to buy the Sky Blue, Silver and Gold. I also got some green and pearl holographic glitter (the green I used on this mani) and loads of dots, hex and studs. Prepare to see more of this order soon :)

The Laser Lace wasn’t as easy to work with as it looked beforehand. The lace is very fragile and needs to be handled very very careful or you will make it fall apart. The glitter was just aweful. It has gotten everywhere where it wasn’t supposed to be. It gets delivered in a very small and tightly screwed jar which made me lose a quarter of glitter to just trying to open it. A little note: open the jars etc before you polish your nails. The striping tape is amazing and I can’t wait to use more of this, I got them in silver, gold and black and all in 2 different sizes. The one I used here is the biggest size.

Dollar Nail Art (.com) is a nice and trustworthy webshop with a lot of different nailart supplies. The items you see are $1 each but they also sell some fixed sets of products which differ in price. The shipping costs are rather high in my opinion, the supplies hardly weight anything and still I had to pay $10 to The Netherlands. Please beware that it’s a *requirement* to order for the minimum amount of $25 (shipping does not count) and you can only pay by credit card or paypal. Best thing would be to combine an order with a friend! They ship worldwide.

I’m off to do some work for school now, take care and thnx for looking!

Zoya Charla dupe by Essence

Ok, maybe I’m way behind, or maybe nobody has ever noted it, or maybe you did but I missed the post?!

I just found an 99% exact Zoya Charla dupe by the ever so great budget brand Essence. The polish is called Choose me! (I choose YOU! Essence!..sigh %$#* Pokemon)

Look at my pictures and be your own judge:

And another picture where I added some contrast for you to see the bling bling:

OR I’m going crazy, OR this is the closest (and cheapest for that matter) match to Zoya’s Charla. I don’t own OPI’s Catch me in your net which is supposed to be a very clos match to Charla as well. What do you think? And did you know about this Essence polish yet?

Purple Gradient

You know how it goes… You have this manicure.. you have been wearing it all day.. but it’s a bit boring. You can’t be bothered to put a new one up but want to change it a bit. Solution: layering!

I’ve been seeing these beautiful gradients around the interwebs and thought it was time for my very first gradient manicure! Look at this boring mani:

I used a lot of products. I started with a polish from a local drug store (for the dutchies: Etos) and its called Etos Effect Nails with number 22. On top I put a glitter topcoat from a (to me) unknown brand from the local market; Paris Memories. When layering I used Gosh Wild Lilac from the tip to halfway my nail. Without even letting it dry I then put a darker polish from a brand named Joe (thnx Skulda!) on the upper half of the Wild Lilac. Finish it all with some glitter from Etos Effect Nails 05-06 and voila……. Gradient nails!

Ps: a normal kitchen sponge is more than enough to make a gradient!
Cheapass hihi <3

Blingy Green


This beauty is ofcourse Sold Out Forever! by Catrice. I needed a fast manicure
that wouldn’t be too dull and would catch the few sunbeams we will have in The
Netherlands today. I used the hexagonal pink/green blingies from Essence Nail
Art Glitter in Cosnova. When you apply these on pink nails the glitter will look
much more pink. But as you can see, when applied on a green color they will
pick up a greenish shade! Here is what I came up with:

I’m really working on making better pictures. I also noticed that Blogger decreases
the quality of your pictures a lot.

More exiting news: new website coming up! I’ve been busy with it for a while now
and it’s almost finished, yay :-)

Have a good one!

Peacock Feather

So this green polish you see above is In the Jungle from Essence Show Your Feet.

I ab-so–tely love this color. It’s dark but so intens green, just perfect!
(why didn’t I open this one before?!)

I used the Essence Nail Art Pen in black.
The little blingies are from the nailartcarousel Essence Glam it Up!
You just have to love this Nail Art line from Essence. It’s so cheap
and they have the cutest little items!
Till next time! :-)

Bling: Lady Gaga Poker Face Inspired

Hi everyone,

First of all..

WOW I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS! Thanks to you all for the sweet comments, mails and participating in my giveaway. I think it’s so awesome that people from all over the world are actually interested in my nails..weird though!

So todays look is actually inspired by a cool chick: Lady Gaga.
Wether you like her music or not, she’s got attitude! :-) I like that.

I really wanted to do a remake of her blingy nails and I figured today was the perfect day! It’s late at night here at the moment so as soon as I will wake up I will make more clear pictures instead of these ‘nightstandlightpics’.

Have a great weekend!

Starry Starry Night

Goodevening (morning here already actually!)
We have a very clear sky in my town atm and I thought let’s give my nails a starry twist for tonight. I used Gosh – Wild Lilac (gotta have, so so pretty) and Konad Special White for the stamping. The stars are from the new Nailart collection of Essence. I suggest you check that collection out. It includes nailartpens, decals, glitter and such and much more. Ofcourse as cheap as we are used to from this brand.

Goodnight :-)