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SOTD: Koh Blue Universe

Aaannnddd a new Swatch of the Day.. I still find it remarkable how some polishbrands aren’t as popular as they should be. An example is Koh! I think in this case it’s because Koh is hardly sold outside of The Netherlands, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Koh has some amazing colors that are truely unique. One I just had to show is the flakielicious Blue Universe. Let the pictures do the talking…


































Please refer to the ‘bottle-picture’ for the real color. I didn’t think this color would be so hard to photograph, due to the light from outside it looks brighter blue than it is. Let me tell you that this polish is a true gem for your collection. I have never seen a color like this, a some sort of dusty blue with teeny tiny silver particles and rainbow (but mainly red/orange) flakies. Koh nailpolishes retail for €14,95 (around $19) and are available at de Bijenkorf A’dam (NL), Douglas (EU) and their website Kohcosmetics.com.

It’s 8 o’clock in the evening here and I’m going to turn on my tv and relax a bit. Tomorrow a new day, new problems, new challenges AND a new mani ;) Goodnight! ♥

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Green Queen

So ehm, it’s been a while.. Busy busy busy, annoying! BUT as promised on twitter I just needed to ‘make’ time for a new mani and here it is! I chose two colors that I love in combination; dark blue and bright green. The lime hex are from Dollar Nail Art and the beautiful 1-coat blue is the new Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans! from Catrice. I bought this together with the green Run Forest Run! (quite funny cause I STILL say/shout that whenever I see someone running lol ^^) and the greyish taupy Absolutely Chinchilly!. Three musthaves in my opinion.

Do you see the tiny lightblue flakies on the closeup pic? It’s so pretty. You won’t see it from a distance obviously but if you occassionally stick your finger nearly in your eye to look at a pretty polish you have on, like me, then it’s worth it ;) Time to enjoy the sight of the falling snow outside with a cup of hot tea now. Only downside of snowy weather outside is the aweful lighting for making pics, aw well, can’t have it all! Enjoy the weekend!

EDIT: Cause of all the sweet comments on the ring I’m going to tell you a secret. YOU CAN GET IT TOO! It’s right under your nose, … at Ebay :-D It’s cheap, the shipping is cheap and it got delivered in 3 weeks, awesome. They have great costumerservice also. Note: this is not silver, so be careful with adjusting the size. There are different sizes available, I’m wearing size 6 and it’s quite big lol! CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK <3

Fabulous Flakies: Nfu-Oh dupe?

Hey you guys!

I hope you will be running to your local drugstore after reading my post cause this combination of polishes is really awesome. I picked up the new Essence polishes Glisten Up and Absolutely Stylish today. I already saw an amazing effect of Glisten Up on Nihrida’s blog and was thinking about what color I would use as base. I figured, why not just put it on top of Absolutely Stylish and see what comes out. So I did…and was in awe. WOW! What an amazing green?! effect it gives. Weird, since Glisten Up is totally blue! The blue is hard to capture with my camera but it has this duochrome effect, you will see blue flakies in a certain angle. Just play with the lighting.

Behold zeh beauty:

Haven’t got an Nfu-Oh yet? Too expensive? Or just blown away by the beautiful flakies you see all over the web? Here is your cheap solution to a beautiful green/blue flakie manicure of which I even dare to say it’s a sliiiigggght dupe for Nfu-Oh 52. Big difference is this combination doesn’t have the purple’ish dark-blue’ish glow like Nfu-Oh 52 but hey, for the price you paid for these two polishes I think there is no reason to complain right?!

Take care and make the most of your weekend! :-)

Essence Matt(e) Top coat

And there we have another cheap innovation from the German budget brand Essence. I think we all have one ; a matte topcoat. Whether it’s from Essie, OPI, Orly of Manglaze, a matte is a must-have!

Their new polish is called Matt Top Coat and is EUR 1,79 in your local drugstore. The only matte top coat I own is the Essie Matte About You, which I love. Time for a comparison don’t you think?

I wanted to do this comparison together with a swatch of 2 of the new Essence polishes from the Denim Wanted collection: 04 Forever Mine (light blue) and 03 My Boyfriend’s Jeans (darker blue).

The polishes I used:

And this is the result:

Ofcourse a picture never shows the 100% real view but I think this Essence Matt Top Coat has the same result as Essie Matte About You. I honestly don’t see a difference! This means that for about 2 dollars you can have a nice dupe of a more expensive polish like Essie or OPI etc. Nice ain’t it? :)

Last a Konad-fail:

Hope this comparison was helpful. Have you seen this new Essence product already?

Take care!

Sky High

Hello dear readers!

Finallllyyyyyy I’m back with a new creation, it’s been so busy with work and school lately. The weather has been aweful and I’m a bit sick at the moment, meh :cry:

I decided to try a brand of polish that I never tried before.. Rimmel. Usually their colors didn’t really impress me until I saw Sky High… Wow what a great turqoise! Rimmel claims it dries in 60 seconds but that’s not true. It does however dry faster than normally.

Since I wanted to cheer myself up I chose to go for Sky High with some fimo flowers. I had some doubts about the color combination at first, but I’m starting to like it a bit more every time I look at my hands!

I really need to get myself a cut-thingy for the fimo cause my kitchenknife isn’t really cutting it (lol)

And to show you the beautiful contrast of colors:

Now I’m jumping back in my warm bed and try to get some more sleep, tomorrow a new day of hard work again..

As for the give-aways: they are now CLOSED! Since I have been so extremely inactive lately I decided to extend the Hello Kitty give-away a little.

Check back soon for the winners!

Have a great day girls ;-)

Blue and Grey, if I may!

Goooodevening :)

You’re looking at Catrice – London’s Weather Forecast with Konad Special Polish in Pastel Blue.

This way you can still be *bling* on a rainy day hihi.

I used little light blue rhinestones I received today.
They come from a wheel with all kind of different colors. I got it from Ebay and was shipped from Hong Kong. Took about a month to arrive but hey, great rhinestones, great service and it was only 3 dollars in total.

Worth the waiting uh?

I Sea You!

Yesterday I finally got hold of a polish I’ve been waiting for to come back in my local drugstore..

Catrice – I Sea You!

It’s a beautiful turquoise greenish color which applies just awesome, this color is stunning I tell you. It even matches my new earrings! (coinsidence or what!)

Catrice polishes are only € 2.50 here so I bought two *ashamed*

Just to be sure I dont run out!! Or hmm, maybe a giveaway?

Other polishes I bought are:

Catrice – Big Spender Wanted
Catrice – MAN, GO Tango!
Essence – Very Berry
Essence – Purple Magic

I’m really really impressed by the Essence polishes. The line Show Your Feet is just amazing. The polishes cover with just one coat and are especially made for your toenails.

 ”Essence Show Your Feet: Special toe nail polish, anti-bacterial, extremely long-lasting
and great coverage with just one coat!

Gogo show those feet ladies :-)