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Shooting stars


I was sooooo not in the mood to do something extraordinary with my nails but hey, I’m not going out the door without SOMETHING on my nails  :-) I decided to use my Essence Silver Surfer striper which I had never used before. Being in an Essence mood I used little stars from the nailart jars they sell. They are small (sharp! ouch) and reflective and I figured they could be great shooting stars. I added some glittertopcoat to ‘seal the deal’ and we were off to work!

This was pretty easy to do. Ofcourse a littttttle hard to make perfect stripes on the right hand but hey, same shit different story ;-)

Now you may make a wish ;-)   Goodnight!

Light As Air


Today I want to show you a konadicure made with one of my newer imageplates. The s6. I’m really in love with these designs. It has a celtic feel to it, don’t you think? So cool!

I was wearing my purple’ish dress and wanted a purple mani..sigh..girls uh ;-) So, I came up with this combination; CG Light as air with Konad Special Polish in Violet Pearl. I think they fit really well with eachother. I might actually use this combi more often!

Now I’m gonna think about a more creative mani 8-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Mesmerizing Gold

First of all a big thank you for all the support and help with transferring to my new website, I really REALLY appreciate it  <3 I was actually at a point where I wanted to just go back to Blogger and remove the word WordPress from my vocabulary but your comments and help made me stay here. THANK YOU!!

The manicure for today is Catrice Bronzed Brown (told you that I was gonna wear it a lot ;-)  with the amazing stampingcolor 2030 from China Glaze Khrome.

The first word that came to mind was Mesmerizing so figured it might as well be the title of this post. At work I got a lot of positive feedback *they might have been hypnotized by looking at it..hmmmm..k back to earth now*

I love the color combination. I recently bought this Bronzed Brown together with the other new Carame color of Catrice: Spiced Bronze. I wonder how these two would look together! Has anyone tried this combination yet?

Leopard Charming

Hai again!

So yesterday a package arrived with my order from Head2toebeauty.com.

I really wanted to give some polishes from the China Glaze Khrome and Romantique collection a try. People mainly seemed to use them for stamping so I got curious.

Here are the ones I bought:

For the leopard mani I used the 2030 which is a real bright gold metallic color. I stamped it on top of Orly’s Prince Charming which is a chocolate brown (yay) :-)

The stamping actually went great and I can honestly tell you I have NEVER done the leopard or zebra design before because I just couldn’t get the design neatly on my nail. Those days are over now.

Maybe these polishes are even better than the Konad Special Polishes when you are just starting with stamping.