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Fabulous Flakies: Nfu-Oh dupe?

Hey you guys!

I hope you will be running to your local drugstore after reading my post cause this combination of polishes is really awesome. I picked up the new Essence polishes Glisten Up and Absolutely Stylish today. I already saw an amazing effect of Glisten Up on Nihrida’s blog and was thinking about what color I would use as base. I figured, why not just put it on top of Absolutely Stylish and see what comes out. So I did…and was in awe. WOW! What an amazing green?! effect it gives. Weird, since Glisten Up is totally blue! The blue is hard to capture with my camera but it has this duochrome effect, you will see blue flakies in a certain angle. Just play with the lighting.

Behold zeh beauty:

Haven’t got an Nfu-Oh yet? Too expensive? Or just blown away by the beautiful flakies you see all over the web? Here is your cheap solution to a beautiful green/blue flakie manicure of which I even dare to say it’s a sliiiigggght dupe for Nfu-Oh 52. Big difference is this combination doesn’t have the purple’ish dark-blue’ish glow like Nfu-Oh 52 but hey, for the price you paid for these two polishes I think there is no reason to complain right?!

Take care and make the most of your weekend! :-)

Zoya Charla dupe by Essence

Ok, maybe I’m way behind, or maybe nobody has ever noted it, or maybe you did but I missed the post?!

I just found an 99% exact Zoya Charla dupe by the ever so great budget brand Essence. The polish is called Choose me! (I choose YOU! Essence!..sigh %$#* Pokemon)

Look at my pictures and be your own judge:

And another picture where I added some contrast for you to see the bling bling:

OR I’m going crazy, OR this is the closest (and cheapest for that matter) match to Zoya’s Charla. I don’t own OPI’s Catch me in your net which is supposed to be a very clos match to Charla as well. What do you think? And did you know about this Essence polish yet?