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Sky High

Hello dear readers!

Finallllyyyyyy I’m back with a new creation, it’s been so busy with work and school lately. The weather has been aweful and I’m a bit sick at the moment, meh :cry:

I decided to try a brand of polish that I never tried before.. Rimmel. Usually their colors didn’t really impress me until I saw Sky High… Wow what a great turqoise! Rimmel claims it dries in 60 seconds but that’s not true. It does however dry faster than normally.

Since I wanted to cheer myself up I chose to go for Sky High with some fimo flowers. I had some doubts about the color combination at first, but I’m starting to like it a bit more every time I look at my hands!

I really need to get myself a cut-thingy for the fimo cause my kitchenknife isn’t really cutting it (lol)

And to show you the beautiful contrast of colors:

Now I’m jumping back in my warm bed and try to get some more sleep, tomorrow a new day of hard work again..

As for the give-aways: they are now CLOSED! Since I have been so extremely inactive lately I decided to extend the Hello Kitty give-away a little.

Check back soon for the winners!

Have a great day girls ;-)

Pretty Orange is Pretty

Who said orange is ugly?

It was sunny outside and I felt the need to go orange and try out my unused Catrice MAN, GO Tango.

I actually started with just this but couldn’t resist zeh fimo!

Fruity Dotted Fimo!

I’m sorry for the people that requested to do Manglaze first but I couldn’t resist putting these cute
little pieces of Fimo on my nails.
The design is based on this picture and is so NOT practical! :-)
Still I can’t stop looking at my nails..it’s the perfect drug!
Enjoy your day !
(Manglaze is next, I promise =)

Fimo Fun!

These fimo canes came by mail from Hong Kong today. Just amazing.

Took about a month to arrive but it was only 3 dollars :-)   (gotta love Ebay woot!)

Those colors! I just wanna cut these things to pieces and put them allllllll on my nails!

::      BUT     ::
My Manglaze order arrived today aswell. After only 4 days. That really blew me off my feet. Great service! What to pick for my nails first? Am I the only one who is always so indecisive when multiple things arrive at the same time?

Help me choose please! :-)