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Improve Blogger picture quality

The problem I’ve been having since I started this blog is the following..

When uploading a picture from your computer with the Blogger Uploader it never shows up in
the original size you wanted it to be.

You can then use the following options when clicking on your picture:

This gives you the opportunity to resize you picture to Small / Normal / Large / Extra Large.
Personally I never used this way since I always manually adjust the size in the HTML.

The problem with Blogger Uploader is that when I upload photos in the posts, no matter what size I upload them as, the quality is pretty poor. I was always wondering if I was doing something wrong.

I fixed this problem by uploading the pictures somewhere else and then ‘Link from web’ when uploading with Blogger. This did the job too but the problem is that there will be no pictures displayed on blogrolls when you make a new post..aargh!

Check below for the difference in quality..weird right?!




Apparently the poor quality is due to a high compression ratio used to create the thumbnail.  Edit the post HTML and look for <img src=… .   The string following is the thumbnail URL.  Check to see if there something like /s320 in the URL.  If there is, delete it and publish the post.  The browser will now display a scaled image with higher definition.

Voila! Badass quality just like the original, whohooooo!

Even if you were pretty satisfied with the way your pictures look in Blogger when uploaded I recommend trying this solution anyway, who know if it gets better for you too :)

Hope this was helpful!



Just so it hasn’t been for nothing.. This morning before I put on my Claire’s Mood Polish in Peaceful Confident I did another attempt on the animal designs from Konad. As you might remember, I never did these because I just couldn’t get the designs on my nails.

This time I tried again with the *halleluja* China Glaze Millennium!

Ty for stopping by :-)

Claire’s Mood: Peaceful & Confident

Another swatch of the lovely Claire’s Mood Polishes.

This one is called Peaceful Confident and goes from a lighter teal on the nail bed to a darker teal at the tips. The colorchanging of this polish is much more subtle than the purple one I swatched in my other post: Calm Wild. Nonetheless, this is a lovely color to wear on a bright sunny day, even if it doesn’t change color that much!

Even my cat Boefje couldn’t stay away! :-)

Claire’s Mood: Calm & Wild

Hi again!

I’ve been slacking on posting lately, I know. I just have a lot to do for school since it’s my last few months of graduating from Lawschool, so exited :-D And not to forget work ofc..


I received the package from my iSwap with Chris from Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes today!
thank youuu!

Ok, keep cool.. She send me the Claire’s Mood Polishes that I wanted so badly.

Ofcourse I ripped the package to pieces to try one of them out asap.

(thank you for the cute little letter inside, I actually forgot to put my note back when having to repackage at the postoffice.. :(

© Picture taken from You-Nailed-It since I’m too lazy to make one myself

I decided to pick Calm/ Wild first. Chris wrote it’s her favorite color and from what I’ve seen on pictures it’s well worth my choice! This is two coats of this beauty and the colorchanging started immediately.

Thnx for stopping by!

Starry Starry Night

Goodevening (morning here already actually!)
We have a very clear sky in my town atm and I thought let’s give my nails a starry twist for tonight. I used Gosh – Wild Lilac (gotta have, so so pretty) and Konad Special White for the stamping. The stars are from the new Nailart collection of Essence. I suggest you check that collection out. It includes nailartpens, decals, glitter and such and much more. Ofcourse as cheap as we are used to from this brand.

Goodnight :-)

Rose Chique

Hi hi :)
Today I’m showing you a lovely gotta have pink by Catrice: Hot Or Not ?
I stamped it with a rosedesign and put a little starry rhinestone in the middle.
Personally I’m not so fond of this design but hey, it was late and I had this
mood, get it? :-)
Bad thing about this polish (even with 2 coats of Seche Vite) is that it chips so fast!
And chipping after just 1 night of sleep is not really acceptable to me.
Aw well, pretty color for a day ^^

Matte is Murder

O’hai there!
Since I have loads of schoolwork to do I want to quickly show you the promissed swatch of Manglaze: Matte is Murder.
This is my new “idonthavetimebutineedtopaintmynailsnomatterwhat!” polish.

It dries so quicky and the application is wonderful. Matte is murder dries in a few seconds to thisamazing even matte black.You wouldn’t say so from the first picture but Matte is murder actually has a greenish shimmer inside. Pwetty!
I suggest: go get it asap for a chic dark look. Ordering can be done at www.manglaze.com and this polish currently only costs $ 6.66. For me it arrived within like 4 days, wow!

Have a great day :-)