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Turquoise & Caicos

Last week I got great news, I had won my first giveaway ever! I received the beautiful Essie Turquoise & Caicos from Ilja @ beauty-polish.blogspot.com (a beauty dutch site). It’s a two-coater but I thought three was even slightly better. This color is actually the most pretty turquoise I have seen so far. The brightness may cause some difficulties when trying to match outfits lol, but it most definately looks great combined with black (but then again, what doesn’t!).

I took imageplate m71 and some greenish rhinestones to spice up the design a bit. I’m not really fond of the result, the colors don’t match at all! Aw well, a lesson learned for the next mani ;) Take care!

Halloween nails pt 4: Mummies

Hi again!

This Halloween theme is driving me nuts,in the good way! So many ideas and so little time, ugh. This must be the easiest mani ever!! Everyone can do this and I encourage you to do so and see for yourself. OPI Alpine Snow is a great bright white which applies very well. I used two coats and it was complete even and opaque, great. I combined the Konad Special polish in black with the S6 imageplate from Konad. I absolutely love this plate. It has celtic-like design which I adore! With the tip of my black striper (or just use a pen/toothpick/dottingtool) I created the eyes. And guess what.. that’s all!!!

Watch it, you’re being watched!!! =)

Edit: the awesome Egyptian brushes for Photoshop were downloaded from here!

Pink curtains

Yayyyy, I’ve found the time to make a mani for tomorrow :oops:

Hate this busy life, combined with stress from work, oh and the absolutely shitty weather here in The Netherlands. It’s just aweful. Do you know the feeling of dressing nicely, make-up ready and hair done..you step outside..it rains..and then half an hour later you arrive at work looking like #$%&*. AAARGH!

Today I bought a cute pink vest since it’s actually cold here. Pink is usually not my color but since I got pink clothing now anyway, I figured I might as well do a pink mani! I decided to use the m62 curtain-design with Konad Special polish in Psyche Pink. I started with Catrice’s French Manicure polish in 120 French rose to hide stains and my yellow’ish tips

I added a few nailstickers from the new 05 Sweet Romance piece from Essence. Annnnddddd, that’s about it! Seche topcoat and we are ready to go :-) Don’t you just love simple mani’s every now and then?

Light As Air


Today I want to show you a konadicure made with one of my newer imageplates. The s6. I’m really in love with these designs. It has a celtic feel to it, don’t you think? So cool!

I was wearing my purple’ish dress and wanted a purple mani..sigh..girls uh ;-) So, I came up with this combination; CG Light as air with Konad Special Polish in Violet Pearl. I think they fit really well with eachother. I might actually use this combi more often!

Now I’m gonna think about a more creative mani 8-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Classy Frenchy

Who needs a nailsalon anyway? You can just do a cute french manicure with Konad ofc :)

I received this imageplate m62 last week from an order placed at the dutch webshop veelsieraden.nl.
The last time I ordered there the konad special polish I received was so thin that I have not been able to use it at all. So I thought, lets give it a try again.

They advertised with *order before 15:00 and receive your package the next day*. The shippingcosts are extremely low ( € 1) so I placed an order again. It arrived the next day, but the small konad stamp I ordered was not in the package..instead it was the large one. Mistakes happen! No biggie, although I already have the large one so I specifically ordered the small stamp.

I emailed the webshop about this and the owner told me she thought she’d do me a favor by sending the large one since the small one apparently was out of stock and this one is more expensive. Costumerfriendly, thats for sure! But now I still dont have the small stamp…I emailed her back that I appreciate the gesture but it doesn’t really help me :/ She hasn’t replied back on that.. hope to hear something soon.

You can still really see that my nails are damaged from the fakies but it’s getting better every day. I made them a lot shorter, sometimes you just feel like that.. so much more practical :)

Mesmerizing Gold

First of all a big thank you for all the support and help with transferring to my new website, I really REALLY appreciate it  <3 I was actually at a point where I wanted to just go back to Blogger and remove the word WordPress from my vocabulary but your comments and help made me stay here. THANK YOU!!

The manicure for today is Catrice Bronzed Brown (told you that I was gonna wear it a lot ;-)  with the amazing stampingcolor 2030 from China Glaze Khrome.

The first word that came to mind was Mesmerizing so figured it might as well be the title of this post. At work I got a lot of positive feedback *they might have been hypnotized by looking at it..hmmmm..k back to earth now*

I love the color combination. I recently bought this Bronzed Brown together with the other new Carame color of Catrice: Spiced Bronze. I wonder how these two would look together! Has anyone tried this combination yet?

Lolita Nails

Goodmorning everyone :)

Last night I have been busy with making two entries for the Betsey Johnson’s fashion challenge of Polish Hoarder Disorder. Today I want to show you one of them.

There were loads and I mean LOADS of cute dresses to choose from but decided to go for a very colorful one and a dark one.

And this is my entry:

Last but not least: as requested by Iris:

  1. What celebrity in all the world would you most want to meet?: Keanu Reeves, Alexi Laiho, Jackson Rathbone..they are hawt!
  2. What is your favorite kind of animal?: Guinae Pig, their sounds crack me up!
  3. Your favorite place to buy clothes?: Amsterdam
  4. Your favorite grocery store?: Our local one
  5. Your favorite sport?: Skating, swimming, fitness
  6. If you could do anything in the world for 24 hours, (it would still have happened after the 24 hours) what would it be ?: Travel around the world
  7. If you could have any three things at all in your own backyard what would it be?: A festival with all my fav bands, a helmer with all nailpolishes in the world, my own Ben & Jerry’s factory..nomnom
  8. Favorite Soy/Ice Cream flavor?: Banana and Pistache
  9. Favorite tv show(s)?: The X-Files (hopelessly addicted since I was a kid), House, Lost, Prison Break, 24, That 70′s Show, Supernatural, Family Guy, South Park, Simpsons, American Dad, Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty etc etc etc!
  10. How old do you like your people? : As in bf? He has to be older than me :-)

Enjoy your day!