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Oriental Red

I’ve been looking for cute decals for a while now ever since I’ve used the water decals from Viva La Nails. I was really impressed at how easy to use they are and how easy it can be to create a cute but simple mani.

This time I went to experiment a bit with a oriental mani :-)
I used another Joe polish called Tomato, a very bright red. The decals are from Ebay and I used my Essence Nail Art Pen for the stripes and dots. The white polish is the ever so great OPI Alpine Snow.

I only had this manicure on for a few hours, didn’t really like it all that much, but hey, gotta try different things every now and then right? :roll:


Mesmerizing Gold

First of all a big thank you for all the support and help with transferring to my new website, I really REALLY appreciate it  <3 I was actually at a point where I wanted to just go back to Blogger and remove the word WordPress from my vocabulary but your comments and help made me stay here. THANK YOU!!

The manicure for today is Catrice Bronzed Brown (told you that I was gonna wear it a lot ;-)  with the amazing stampingcolor 2030 from China Glaze Khrome.

The first word that came to mind was Mesmerizing so figured it might as well be the title of this post. At work I got a lot of positive feedback *they might have been hypnotized by looking at it..hmmmm..k back to earth now*

I love the color combination. I recently bought this Bronzed Brown together with the other new Carame color of Catrice: Spiced Bronze. I wonder how these two would look together! Has anyone tried this combination yet?

Playful Underwater


I feel bad for being so inactive lately but I’m back now.

I passed the exam I talked about earlier, whohoo! :-)

A BIG thank you to all the birthdaywishes, you all are far too kind!
So today’s manicure is the beautiful blue Underwater by Essence. I used the
Essence Nailart carousel Glam It Up! for the blingies.

Btw, I have some exiting news!
Since I bought my new camera I really hated the fact that I never seem to have
good lighting for my pictures.

Sooooooo, *drums* I bought a lightbox! It will arrive today so I’m waiting eagerly
ofcourse. Really curious to this thing since I read really good things about it on
zeh interwebz :-)

And now the bad news…. My kitty Boefje needs a vaccination today. Since my parents
are going on a holiday and I haven’t planned mine yet the cat needs to go to a shelter for
two weeks ( i absolutely hate this, i feel so sad for him, having to leave him in such a place).

An update when my Lightbox arrives is coming soon!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Metallic Muse


Sooooo, I should be studying very very hard right now for my last exam tomorrow…


Do you know that feeling where you are constantly looking for excuses to not do the thing you should?
Well, I do.

This is O.P.I.’s You Don’t Know Jacques! with China Glaze Metallic Muse on top.

At least I can go to my exam (Contract Law, interesting but a %$&@#) with cute nails haha :-)

Wish me luck! Gonna need it..

Peacock Feather

So this green polish you see above is In the Jungle from Essence Show Your Feet.

I ab-so–tely love this color. It’s dark but so intens green, just perfect!
(why didn’t I open this one before?!)

I used the Essence Nail Art Pen in black.
The little blingies are from the nailartcarousel Essence Glam it Up!
You just have to love this Nail Art line from Essence. It’s so cheap
and they have the cutest little items!
Till next time! :-)

Pretty Orange is Pretty

Who said orange is ugly?

It was sunny outside and I felt the need to go orange and try out my unused Catrice MAN, GO Tango.

I actually started with just this but couldn’t resist zeh fimo!

1st Giveaway winner

First of all a BIG THNX to all people that participated in this giveaway.
My mailbox got spammed with entries and I’m so exited to announce that my follower:

DARLENE won the giveaway.


You may contact me at info@pimpmynailz.com with your contactinfo and the lovely Essence Stampingkit and Catrice Big Spender Wanted! will be coming your way asap :-)

I’m actually even more exited that I have more than 100 followers at the moment which I’m more than grateful for!

On to the next giveaway!