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Starry Starry Night

Goodevening (morning here already actually!)
We have a very clear sky in my town atm and I thought let’s give my nails a starry twist for tonight. I used Gosh – Wild Lilac (gotta have, so so pretty) and Konad Special White for the stamping. The stars are from the new Nailart collection of Essence. I suggest you check that collection out. It includes nailartpens, decals, glitter and such and much more. Ofcourse as cheap as we are used to from this brand.

Goodnight :-)

Rose Chique

Hi hi :)
Today I’m showing you a lovely gotta have pink by Catrice: Hot Or Not ?
I stamped it with a rosedesign and put a little starry rhinestone in the middle.
Personally I’m not so fond of this design but hey, it was late and I had this
mood, get it? :-)
Bad thing about this polish (even with 2 coats of Seche Vite) is that it chips so fast!
And chipping after just 1 night of sleep is not really acceptable to me.
Aw well, pretty color for a day ^^

Matte is Murder

O’hai there!
Since I have loads of schoolwork to do I want to quickly show you the promissed swatch of Manglaze: Matte is Murder.
This is my new “idonthavetimebutineedtopaintmynailsnomatterwhat!” polish.

It dries so quicky and the application is wonderful. Matte is murder dries in a few seconds to thisamazing even matte black.You wouldn’t say so from the first picture but Matte is murder actually has a greenish shimmer inside. Pwetty!
I suggest: go get it asap for a chic dark look. Ordering can be done at www.manglaze.com and this polish currently only costs $ 6.66. For me it arrived within like 4 days, wow!

Have a great day :-)

Fruity Dotted Fimo!

I’m sorry for the people that requested to do Manglaze first but I couldn’t resist putting these cute
little pieces of Fimo on my nails.
The design is based on this picture and is so NOT practical! :-)
Still I can’t stop looking at my nails..it’s the perfect drug!
Enjoy your day !
(Manglaze is next, I promise =)

Fimo Fun!

These fimo canes came by mail from Hong Kong today. Just amazing.

Took about a month to arrive but it was only 3 dollars :-)   (gotta love Ebay woot!)

Those colors! I just wanna cut these things to pieces and put them allllllll on my nails!

::      BUT     ::
My Manglaze order arrived today aswell. After only 4 days. That really blew me off my feet. Great service! What to pick for my nails first? Am I the only one who is always so indecisive when multiple things arrive at the same time?

Help me choose please! :-)

Nikon camera + Nfu Oh 51

Hardly needs words now, does it? I seriously believe every single person on this planet needs
Nfu Oh #51. I mean it! Go get it! Nao!

So I finally got my new camera, obviously :) ) No more blurry bad quality pictures on this blog.
I’m still playing with the settings a bit but I will master it soon I hope.
I bought the Nikon Coolpix S8000 in black. I’m in love!

Ps: Since you always see purple colors under this polish I tried something different. I used Essence Show Your Feet in Very Berry, a deep pink.

Ps2: Don’t you people wanna win things?! I have gotten 3 e-mails on my give-away post so far..
Am I doing something wrong?