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Blingy Green


This beauty is ofcourse Sold Out Forever! by Catrice. I needed a fast manicure
that wouldn’t be too dull and would catch the few sunbeams we will have in The
Netherlands today. I used the hexagonal pink/green blingies from Essence Nail
Art Glitter in Cosnova. When you apply these on pink nails the glitter will look
much more pink. But as you can see, when applied on a green color they will
pick up a greenish shade! Here is what I came up with:

I’m really working on making better pictures. I also noticed that Blogger decreases
the quality of your pictures a lot.

More exiting news: new website coming up! I’ve been busy with it for a while now
and it’s almost finished, yay :-)

Have a good one!

Golden Swirls

I was getting bored with the blue pretty fast. Yesterday at one of my favorite lowbudget jewerellystores, “Six”, I bought these new earrings. I love colorful items when the weather
is getting better is supposed to be getting better.

My lightbox still hasn’t arrived, aargh! I hate it when they give an estimate shippingdate on
the website and then don’t keep their promise.

More fun news.. My Sigma brushes are shipping and on their way to my doorstep yay.
I’ve been stacking up on some more beautiful make-up again from mostly MAC and Sephora
(omg those eyeshadows!)

Now I’n getting a bit shy cause I don’t consider myself talented with make-up (or other things

for that matter) at all but still would like to show my creations every now and then. That will be for another post then :-)

Is the weather with you guys as bad as here? It just keeps raining and raining and be cold and chilly..brrrr. Monday it’s officially summer..yeah….nice..

My birthdaynails <|:-)

Hiiiiiii everyone :)

So tomorrow I’m having my 24th birthday (yay me!) and even though I’m
way too busy lately, I managed to take the time to make something anyway!

I used the ever so lovely Parlez-Vous OPI? and stamped China Glaze’s Admire
on top. The plate I used is the B65 from Chez Delaney. The little purple stones
are from my rhinestonecaroussel from Ebay (gotta love those people in Hong

The purple is an exact match (doesn’t show too well on the picture) with my
earrings I will be wearing tomorrow with my purple’ish dress hihi.
Take care and I’ll be more active soon, I promise!

~ Iris

Bling: Lady Gaga Poker Face Inspired

Hi everyone,

First of all..

WOW I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS! Thanks to you all for the sweet comments, mails and participating in my giveaway. I think it’s so awesome that people from all over the world are actually interested in my nails..weird though!

So todays look is actually inspired by a cool chick: Lady Gaga.
Wether you like her music or not, she’s got attitude! :-) I like that.

I really wanted to do a remake of her blingy nails and I figured today was the perfect day! It’s late at night here at the moment so as soon as I will wake up I will make more clear pictures instead of these ‘nightstandlightpics’.

Have a great weekend!

Lucky Lucky Lavender

Hi again !
This is Lucky Lucky Lavender from O.P.I.
A cream girly pinkish lavender.
I used Fauxnad B65 from Chez Delaney plus rhinestones from the Essence Nailart collection.

Also a big THNX to the people that are promoting my give-away. Since i’m just a newby in blogging I dont have a lot of visitors but still would like this give-away to be a *real* contest.
Im going to totally mess up the nails I just did by going to help paint in my sisters new home again.
Bye Bye Lucky Lucky Lavender :-(
Have a great day!

My First Give-Away!

So, I feel like it’s time for my first give-away!
I know how I always enjoy seeying other bloggers putting up give-aways
and the positive responses to them (well doh, free goodz omg!)


You can win the cute pink stampingset from Essence and also the new Catrice color Big Spender Wanted!
A lovely deep pink with a golden shimmer <3 Look here for a swatch.

1 – You have to be a follower of this blog.
2 – Enter through mailing me at pimpmynails1@gmail.com with the subject: First Give-away.   
3 – You can earn an extra entry by posting about my give-away on your 
      blog or twitter account. (be sure to notify me about this in your mail if you do so)
4 – This give-away is international!
5 – This give-away closes at 24 May 2010.
6 – I will let www.random.org decide the lucky number!



Konad: Black and White Lace

I’m feeling dark tonight..ooooeeeehhhhhh..ok enough with my funny mood.

I have to honestly say…i loooooove this..it’s so dark yet delicate.

What do you think, is it too dark for a spring day?

I used Rimmel London’s 60 seconds in 800 Black Out.
The stamping was done with Konad Special Polish in white and the rhinestones are from Ebay.

Goodnight all!