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Mayo Madness

Today I received my Manglaze order. I bought the white matte Mayonnaise and the grey matte Fuggen Ugly. I had to put Mayo on first cause I have been craving this polish since the release. Mayonnaise is a beautiful white nailpolish with a matte finish. If you look closely enough (read: really really close) you can see a light pearly shimmer, so pretty. Take a look for yourself cause in this case; pics say more than words..

How amazing is that?! I wanted to see how my Konad special polish in Pink would look on this bright white. I used one of the floral designs from plate m31 and added some pink rhinestones. Simple and fast mani! Try it yourself with these or different colors!

Do you like it? Cause I do! I’ll be wearing Manglaze Mayonnaise a lot, it looks gorgeous on it’s own and is amazing as stamping base. Keep up the great work Marc. Your inventions make us all very happy! I’m heading out to the cinema for Paranormal Activity 2 in a bit, curious if it can live up to my expectations :) Take care all!

Halloween special: Nightmare before Christmas

Did you really think I would make all kinds of Halloween mani’s and not include our beloved Jack Skellington?! I have been collecting statues and all kind of merchandise of Nightmare before Christmas since the first time I saw the movie. I’m basically a fan of whatever Tim Burton makes, he is my hero. What a fun, creative and spooky mind!

I am going to wear this mani @ Halloween for sure! The grey base color is Catrice’s London’s Weather Forecast which is a great soft creamy grey with a very slight shimmer, uber pretty. Jack, the hill and moon, and the houses were made with alllllllllllllllllllll of the following products: tootpick, dottingtool, stripers *evil grin* The yellow I used is actually a polish I have never used before; Catrice’s Don’t Feed The Birds. A lovely, slightly sheer yellow with a pretty yellow shimmer.

Hope you like it! Take care and thnx for stopping by again :)