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Rather late than never right? This is my shout out to the world for raising breastcancer awareness. I think we all have someone in our family or close to us that has suffered or is suffering from breastcancer. Actually, worldwide breast cancer comprises 10.4% of all cancer incidence among women, making it the most common type of non-skin cancer in women and the fifth most common cause of cancer death. In 2004, breast cancer caused 519,000 deaths worldwide.. (source: wikipedia)

I chose to make a pro-life mani with this pink blingy pulse design! Drawing the lines was a pita since I still don’t have proper nailart pencils. Does anyone have a recommendation for me perhaps? Turns out Ebay isn’t always your best friend, hihi. The ring was from the same store as the ring I showed before, because this is sterling silver it was 14,95 EUR. Still cheap right?! <3

Thnx so much for stopping by!

Pink Overkill

AAAH!!! I’m wearing bright pink! MY EYES! Ugh, this might be fun for an hour but hell no I won’t have this mani for a whole day, I would die. This is so not me lol! But I do think it’s cute, … I think. At least it’s not as depressing as the weather here at the moment. The colors are Catrice’s Hot or Not? (dark) and Sweets for my Sweets (light). All the stickers are from different nailart sheets from Essence.

The next mani will be showing some new rings again, some of you on Twitter might already have seen them, I’m such a sucker for cheapies lately. I also have some nailart thingies incoming from dollarnailart.com. Very curious to the quality to be honest. Does anyone reading this have experience with them?

Time for some breakfast (at 13:39..) and some studying! Enjoy your weekend

Pink curtains

Yayyyy, I’ve found the time to make a mani for tomorrow :oops:

Hate this busy life, combined with stress from work, oh and the absolutely shitty weather here in The Netherlands. It’s just aweful. Do you know the feeling of dressing nicely, make-up ready and hair done..you step outside..it rains..and then half an hour later you arrive at work looking like #$%&*. AAARGH!

Today I bought a cute pink vest since it’s actually cold here. Pink is usually not my color but since I got pink clothing now anyway, I figured I might as well do a pink mani! I decided to use the m62 curtain-design with Konad Special polish in Psyche Pink. I started with Catrice’s French Manicure polish in 120 French rose to hide stains and my yellow’ish tips

I added a few nailstickers from the new 05 Sweet Romance piece from Essence. Annnnddddd, that’s about it! Seche topcoat and we are ready to go :-) Don’t you just love simple mani’s every now and then?