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Gold Out Forever! (dollar nail art review)

Yesterday my Dollar Nail Art order arrived and I finally got to work with some of the great stuff they sell there. I’m aiming at the Laser Lace. Laser Lace is a luminous weave of delicate fibers woven so closely together it can could be defined as lace. It’s available in 10 vibrant colors and I chose to buy the Sky Blue, Silver and Gold. I also got some green and pearl holographic glitter (the green I used on this mani) and loads of dots, hex and studs. Prepare to see more of this order soon :)

The Laser Lace wasn’t as easy to work with as it looked beforehand. The lace is very fragile and needs to be handled very very careful or you will make it fall apart. The glitter was just aweful. It has gotten everywhere where it wasn’t supposed to be. It gets delivered in a very small and tightly screwed jar which made me lose a quarter of glitter to just trying to open it. A little note: open the jars etc before you polish your nails. The striping tape is amazing and I can’t wait to use more of this, I got them in silver, gold and black and all in 2 different sizes. The one I used here is the biggest size.

Dollar Nail Art (.com) is a nice and trustworthy webshop with a lot of different nailart supplies. The items you see are $1 each but they also sell some fixed sets of products which differ in price. The shipping costs are rather high in my opinion, the supplies hardly weight anything and still I had to pay $10 to The Netherlands. Please beware that it’s a *requirement* to order for the minimum amount of $25 (shipping does not count) and you can only pay by credit card or paypal. Best thing would be to combine an order with a friend! They ship worldwide.

I’m off to do some work for school now, take care and thnx for looking!


Rather late than never right? This is my shout out to the world for raising breastcancer awareness. I think we all have someone in our family or close to us that has suffered or is suffering from breastcancer. Actually, worldwide breast cancer comprises 10.4% of all cancer incidence among women, making it the most common type of non-skin cancer in women and the fifth most common cause of cancer death. In 2004, breast cancer caused 519,000 deaths worldwide.. (source: wikipedia)

I chose to make a pro-life mani with this pink blingy pulse design! Drawing the lines was a pita since I still don’t have proper nailart pencils. Does anyone have a recommendation for me perhaps? Turns out Ebay isn’t always your best friend, hihi. The ring was from the same store as the ring I showed before, because this is sterling silver it was 14,95 EUR. Still cheap right?! <3

Thnx so much for stopping by!

Pink Overkill

AAAH!!! I’m wearing bright pink! MY EYES! Ugh, this might be fun for an hour but hell no I won’t have this mani for a whole day, I would die. This is so not me lol! But I do think it’s cute, … I think. At least it’s not as depressing as the weather here at the moment. The colors are Catrice’s Hot or Not? (dark) and Sweets for my Sweets (light). All the stickers are from different nailart sheets from Essence.

The next mani will be showing some new rings again, some of you on Twitter might already have seen them, I’m such a sucker for cheapies lately. I also have some nailart thingies incoming from dollarnailart.com. Very curious to the quality to be honest. Does anyone reading this have experience with them?

Time for some breakfast (at 13:39..) and some studying! Enjoy your weekend

Tropical gradient

Hi hi! I can’t get my hands off the turquoise colors lately it seems. It’s just such a bright, happy and classy shade, I simply love it. So obviously I couldn’t resist doing a gradient. I used several colors..

As a base there was Etos Effect Nails nr 22 with Essence Glisten Up on top. I gave that some time to dry and then started sponging with Sephora Teeny Bikini (lol). About halfway the nail I sponged with Essie Turquoise & Caicos and the upper part of the nail was sponged with Rimmel Sky High. I finished it all with another coat of Essence Glisten Up and voila, c’est ça! Flakey goodness! Combined with clear rhinestones this tropical cocktail is ready to drink! (does it show I need a holiday to some sunny place far far away? ugh)

The ring was a cheapy from a dutch jewellery store called Six and was only 4 EUR. I bought it last week and I so love it 8-) Enjoy the weekend!

Turquoise & Caicos

Last week I got great news, I had won my first giveaway ever! I received the beautiful Essie Turquoise & Caicos from Ilja @ beauty-polish.blogspot.com (a beauty dutch site). It’s a two-coater but I thought three was even slightly better. This color is actually the most pretty turquoise I have seen so far. The brightness may cause some difficulties when trying to match outfits lol, but it most definately looks great combined with black (but then again, what doesn’t!).

I took imageplate m71 and some greenish rhinestones to spice up the design a bit. I’m not really fond of the result, the colors don’t match at all! Aw well, a lesson learned for the next mani ;) Take care!

Halloween nails pt 2: Dark butterflies


I couldn’t resist making the second mani in my Halloween series already. Did I mention how much I love this theme? No? I LOVE IT! AAAAAH! This design is black purple and it has butterflies It’s also very easy to create!

I used Catrice Back to Black as black base. This black is amazingly opaque but I still used two coats to be sure. On top I put some thin fimo flowers from Ebay. The white cross is from BM imageplate number 13. This plate also has bats, a spider, a witch and a spiderweb which I used in my Halloween nails pt 1. The rhinestones are from Ebay as well.

Thnx for stopping by and take care, dark ones!

Halloween nails pt 1: Spiderweb


A lot has happened since my last post. I’ve been to paris for a few days to get away from this aweful 9-5 mentality here. I didn’t have any vacation yet so this was my few days of relaxation, or so I had hoped! We walked for hours and hours and I think we saw every inch of Paris. The busride of 8 hours was terrible with a non-english speaking busdriver who let us take a 15 minute break in that whole drive, wrong dangerous and not good for your blatter cause seriously.. the smell that was coming from the bustoilet was the most aweful one I’ve ever smelled. If I had gone there I would have walked away with at least 6 diceases for sure! Eeew. We had a great time though!

BUT! Good times are coming, cause if there is one event I feel most exited about in The Netherlands it’s Halloween! I always do something special with Halloween. Whether it’s a party, going out, dressing up, Walibi World halloween theme, ANYTHING! I just need to do something with Halloween. Not sure what I will be doing this year but I know my nails will be in style with me!

I wanted to start my Halloween mani’s with the simplest design:

I used Catrice MAN, GO Tango as an orange base. Then I stamped the spiderweb from BM13 on top with Konad Special Polish in black. Added a little black pearl and voila! C’est ςa!

Stay tuned for more Halloween fun :twisted: