SOTD: Ozotic Pro 505 ♥

Hiiiii, guess who’s finally back with a new post  :oops: Today’s swatch is one that is going to blow your mind. Since I’m so busy with finishing lawschool, which will happen this June, I’ve decided a little while ago that, next to just nail art, I would begin posting swatches as well. BUT, those would only be swatches that are really REALLY worth looking at.

About 1,5 month ago I came across the website which sells a brand named Ozotic Pro. I only knew this was an Australian brand and it wasn’t being sold in The Netherlands. A pity, cause the swatches of their duochromes were like *omfgawesomewth*. You can imagine how happy I was that I saw these pretties being shipped abroad as well :o

There were two polishes I really wanted to have; the 505 (one of their ‘classics’) and the brand new Elytra 528 (duochrome glitter) ♥ The girls from Picture Polish were superfriendly and told me they would ship my order as soon as the new Elytra was released. My package arrived shortly after the release date and…. then I had to wait for a sunny day, meh.

Ok less talking now and more picccccccssssssssss:













































Isn’t that the most pretty duochrome you’ve ever seen? I’m a fan! The formula is smooth, the colors are amazing, it dries quickly and it can be layered over any kind of lacquer. Personally I think the best base for this color is black. I’ve used Catrice’s Back to Black :)

You can obtain the Ozotic Pro’s and other pretty duochromes at They ship worldwide and the costs for 1-2 polishes are; to Europe/UK AUD$11.35 (€8,27 or $11.95)  and to  USA/Canada AUD$9.55 (€6,96 or $10.05).

Stay tuned cause I will come with swatches of the new Ozotic Pro Elytra 528 soon :D Now, off to enjoy my sunny sunday with schoolwork…yay. Take care! ♥

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