Hi again :)

Last week I felt like using old favorites together. I’ve always been crazy about the Konad m79 plate and Manglaze’s Mayonnaise. Since I hardly find myself reaching for a white polish I decided it was time for a change!

I combined a pretty drugstore polish from Maybelline with the awesome white matte Mayonnaise and this is the result. Hope you like it and till next time!

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Hello dearies! I’d like to show you a very simple cute mani I made today. I was inspired by my new iPhone cover I bought from Ebay last week.

Rilakkuma is the name of a Japanese bear that is supposed to be the fifth most popular character in Japan! Have I been living under a rock? :) Rilakkuma stands for a combination of the Japanese pronunciation of relax and the Japanese word for bear.

I know that the mani doesn’t look exactly like Rilakkuma, but it was a lot of fun to make and hooonestly I was too lazy to redo it :$

Thanks so much for visiting and take care!

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Hello everyone! It’s been a while.. but I’m not gonna spend a whole post on the past 3 months and everything that’s happened. I can’t wait to get back to my fav topic..NAILS! Lately I haven’t been that creative mainly due to too little time. I think most of you know I’m a little metalhead inside and therefore I go to metal concerts quite often! I’ve been thinking about a mani that would suit such events :-) Think I found it! This design is called a V-Gap is you’ve probably seen it before since it’s quite a big hit in nailpolishworld! Ofcourse I’m not so up to date anymore so I only recently discovered this mani and really wanted to try it out myself.

The trick is to get a tiny nailartbrush and start with shaping the ‘half moon rounds’ on the bottom of your nail. Personally I’d like to start at the edges so I can keep an eye on the height on both sides. When you’ve made your shape you pull your brush all the way up in a straight line. You can now start filling this side with a black polish. Repeat these steps on the other side of your nail as well and there you have your very own V-Gap! I think this looks so cool and would be perfect to be combined with neon colors as a base!



My cat Boefje has missed me smelling like nailpolish as well it seemed, he couldn’t decide whether he was too curious to not look or too grossed out by the smell and turn his back on me haha :roll:




I hope you’re all ok, thanks for visiting this slacker once again ♥

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Bows ‘n Cocktails














Hello dearies! Today is Queensday in The Netherlands. A day where loads of people trow their used stuff on a plaid and try to sell it. I haven’t checked yet, but I have a feeling that almost all dutch nailaddicts have now posted their bright orange mani’s combined with our national flag colors, but I wanted to do something different! It’s a beautiful day and I wanted to try out my new Butter London Jelly that received from The review has to be in dutch so underneath the pics there will be some dutch rambling ;-) This color is TDF. It’s THE perfect layering polish for gradients. In this case I wanted to layer it on top of my new (and first) Chanel: Miami Peach. A perfect warm peachy color with small golden flecks. Look for yourself! Likey likey??














Daar zijn we dan! Voor het eerst een Nederlands woord op deze site. Voelt heel vreemd om in het Nederlands te schrijven, maar in dit geval wel zo handig. Ik werd benaderd door of ik een review wilde doen van enkele producten van hun site. In eerste instantie ging er door mijn hoofd ‘ehm, maar is dat niet die site waar ik zoveel negatieve dingen over heb gehoord?’. Dat klopte, maar wilde de uitdaging wel aangaan!

Ik bestelde een cuticle cream en een lipbalm van Burts Bees (beide heerlijk!) en mijn allereerste Lip Smacker (banaan/aardbei = nom). En last maar zeker niet least, ook een lakje van Butter London. Hier keek ik enorm naar uit want ik vind ze best prijzig en zou ze anders waarschijnlijk nooit hebben gekocht! Inmiddels ben ik fan :) Ik koos een roze lakje van hun Jelly collectie en was blij verrast! Wat een superfijne formule en wat kan je deze geweldig layeren! Ik kan niet wachten om hier een echte gradient mee te maken. Hierboven heb ik hem gecombineerd met Chanel Miami Peach, een konadje en een diamantje. Kreeg spontaan zin in cocktails door de kleuren, vandaar de cheesy naam ;)

Ik had mijn pakje na 3 dagen al binnen. Elk product wordt apart verpakt in zakjes gevuld met lucht dus niks kan beschadigen. Inmiddels heb ik ook al een paar schoenen en een jasje gekocht via Zalando. Altijd is het snel en goed binnengekomen. Niks op aan te merken! Mocht je inmiddels nieuwsgierig zijn geworden, neem dan eens een kijkje bij de leuke schoenen en zomerjassen of de Butter London lakjes. Had ik al gezegd dat verzending gratis is en je 100 dagen retourrecht hebt? Yay! Tijd om nog even van de zon te genieten, heel fijn weekend!! ♥

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SOTD: Ozotic Pro 505 ♥

Hiiiii, guess who’s finally back with a new post  :oops: Today’s swatch is one that is going to blow your mind. Since I’m so busy with finishing lawschool, which will happen this June, I’ve decided a little while ago that, next to just nail art, I would begin posting swatches as well. BUT, those would only be swatches that are really REALLY worth looking at.

About 1,5 month ago I came across the website which sells a brand named Ozotic Pro. I only knew this was an Australian brand and it wasn’t being sold in The Netherlands. A pity, cause the swatches of their duochromes were like *omfgawesomewth*. You can imagine how happy I was that I saw these pretties being shipped abroad as well :o

There were two polishes I really wanted to have; the 505 (one of their ‘classics’) and the brand new Elytra 528 (duochrome glitter) ♥ The girls from Picture Polish were superfriendly and told me they would ship my order as soon as the new Elytra was released. My package arrived shortly after the release date and…. then I had to wait for a sunny day, meh.

Ok less talking now and more picccccccssssssssss:













































Isn’t that the most pretty duochrome you’ve ever seen? I’m a fan! The formula is smooth, the colors are amazing, it dries quickly and it can be layered over any kind of lacquer. Personally I think the best base for this color is black. I’ve used Catrice’s Back to Black :)

You can obtain the Ozotic Pro’s and other pretty duochromes at They ship worldwide and the costs for 1-2 polishes are; to Europe/UK AUD$11.35 (€8,27 or $11.95)  and to  USA/Canada AUD$9.55 (€6,96 or $10.05).

Stay tuned cause I will come with swatches of the new Ozotic Pro Elytra 528 soon :D Now, off to enjoy my sunny sunday with schoolwork…yay. Take care! ♥

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Butterfly tattoo/mani























It was sunny, bright blue skies and exactly 2 years after my brainbleeding, 15/03/11, the perfect date for my new tattoo. It was the first beautiful springlike day of 2011, very special and unexpected. I had been looking forward to this for so long but wasn’t allowed to get another tattoo since I was on bloodthinners for quite a while. I wanted 4 butterflies on my inner ankle/leg. The number 4 has always been my lucky number, although it has never brought me any fortune, I’ve always been drawn to that number! Weird uh? :)

I’ve been the proud owner of a tattoo already, a design I had been in love with from the first moment I had seen it. But something went wrong. The shop I went to was pretty well known (my sister and stepbrother had already gotten a tattoo there) so I expected a lot. Unfortunately, the woman who tattoo’d me was a guestartist and she didn’t put in the details I wanted. I just accepted it the way it was and figured I could always have someone adjust it later on. I decided to get it fixed in the same appointment of my new tattoo. Since it’s kinda hard to make a good picture of my back I can only show you my original tattoo for now(yes it was summer lol, I want my tanned back back!) :












And my new one….in the bright morning sun ♥












Each butterfly represents a part of my life. The lowest and biggest butterfly is for Health/Life, something I now value above all other things. The other three are Love, Happiness and Knowledge. In knowledge I also think of school, which I’m still trying to finish after missing half a year because I was recovering at home. It’s getting somewhere though! In June I’ll be done with lawschool and in September I want to start at another university to specialize.

I’m not going to get all smoochy and sentimental here, but justremember to live and enjoy each and every moment.. cause you never know when it will all end. Make the best of it and have no regrets. Things happen for a reason, learn from it, and move on stronger! *end preach* ;)

Take care sweet internetfriends and thank you for inspiring me each and every day! HUG!

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Review: Born Pretty Store – red crackle!

Ghello! I is back! Today is my comeback day, the sun is shining and I gave myself a day off from all the schoolwork I still have laying around. First things first though, cause I’ve been putting a review on hold for quite a while and now’s the time to make it happen.

Jessica from Born Pretty Store contacted me in January if I would be willing to review some of their products. Can you imagine how flattered I was? Did someone actually come to ME?! for a review? That’s a first :) She gave me the opportunity to pick some items from her shop and two weeks later I received her package, yay!

Since it’s been a crackle walhalla in nailpolishland lately I figured I’d introduce you to a (to me unknown) polish brand with a wide variety of crackle colors: Kelier Nail.












The name of this polish is ‘red’ which is a little misleading since this baby is very vibrant pink! Not bad at all actually, cause the tought of a pink crackle excites me even more! I’ve never tried a crackle polish before so I was very anxious to see the results…












I applied one normal coat of Kelier on my still wet Essence Lime Up!. I’ve read several reviews in which was said that applying on a dry base would make it not crack properly. I didn’t wanna take the risk. After applying the waiting and staring part began.. it didn’t take long though!








 final judgement? ♥ HOLY COW!♥ This looks so cool, seriously! I think the base gives great contrast to the bright pink. I would totally wear this again. I didn’t apply a topcoat, yet. You can imagine that would make the mani even more beautiful and glossy. This crackle costs only $4.52 and the available colors are: black, purple, green, yellow, watermelon (!), blue and red.

A special thanks goes out to Jessica from Born Pretty Store for her kindness and generousity. You can visit the store at and see the great (cheap!) products for yourself. Also, shipping is FREE! I’m very glad to tell you something else as well, you can now use the coupon code BP299 to get a free Hello Kitty Nail Art Stamping Plate!

See you soon and thanks for stopping by again dearies!

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