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Peacock Feather

So this green polish you see above is In the Jungle from Essence Show Your Feet.

I ab-so–tely love this color. It’s dark but so intens green, just perfect!
(why didn’t I open this one before?!)

I used the Essence Nail Art Pen in black.
The little blingies are from the nailartcarousel Essence Glam it Up!
You just have to love this Nail Art line from Essence. It’s so cheap
and they have the cutest little items!
Till next time! :-)

Pretty Orange is Pretty

Who said orange is ugly?

It was sunny outside and I felt the need to go orange and try out my unused Catrice MAN, GO Tango.

I actually started with just this but couldn’t resist zeh fimo!

Leopard Charming

Hai again!

So yesterday a package arrived with my order from Head2toebeauty.com.

I really wanted to give some polishes from the China Glaze Khrome and Romantique collection a try. People mainly seemed to use them for stamping so I got curious.

Here are the ones I bought:

For the leopard mani I used the 2030 which is a real bright gold metallic color. I stamped it on top of Orly’s Prince Charming which is a chocolate brown (yay) :-)

The stamping actually went great and I can honestly tell you I have NEVER done the leopard or zebra design before because I just couldn’t get the design neatly on my nail. Those days are over now.

Maybe these polishes are even better than the Konad Special Polishes when you are just starting with stamping.

1st Giveaway winner

First of all a BIG THNX to all people that participated in this giveaway.
My mailbox got spammed with entries and I’m so exited to announce that my follower:

DARLENE won the giveaway.


You may contact me at info@pimpmynailz.com with your contactinfo and the lovely Essence Stampingkit and Catrice Big Spender Wanted! will be coming your way asap :-)

I’m actually even more exited that I have more than 100 followers at the moment which I’m more than grateful for!

On to the next giveaway!

Bling: Lady Gaga Poker Face Inspired

Hi everyone,

First of all..

WOW I HAVE 100 FOLLOWERS! Thanks to you all for the sweet comments, mails and participating in my giveaway. I think it’s so awesome that people from all over the world are actually interested in my nails..weird though!

So todays look is actually inspired by a cool chick: Lady Gaga.
Wether you like her music or not, she’s got attitude! :-) I like that.

I really wanted to do a remake of her blingy nails and I figured today was the perfect day! It’s late at night here at the moment so as soon as I will wake up I will make more clear pictures instead of these ‘nightstandlightpics’.

Have a great weekend!

Starry Starry Night

Goodevening (morning here already actually!)
We have a very clear sky in my town atm and I thought let’s give my nails a starry twist for tonight. I used Gosh – Wild Lilac (gotta have, so so pretty) and Konad Special White for the stamping. The stars are from the new Nailart collection of Essence. I suggest you check that collection out. It includes nailartpens, decals, glitter and such and much more. Ofcourse as cheap as we are used to from this brand.

Goodnight :-)

Rose Chique

Hi hi :)
Today I’m showing you a lovely gotta have pink by Catrice: Hot Or Not ?
I stamped it with a rosedesign and put a little starry rhinestone in the middle.
Personally I’m not so fond of this design but hey, it was late and I had this
mood, get it? :-)
Bad thing about this polish (even with 2 coats of Seche Vite) is that it chips so fast!
And chipping after just 1 night of sleep is not really acceptable to me.
Aw well, pretty color for a day ^^