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Gold Out Forever! (dollar nail art review)

Yesterday my Dollar Nail Art order arrived and I finally got to work with some of the great stuff they sell there. I’m aiming at the Laser Lace. Laser Lace is a luminous weave of delicate fibers woven so closely together it can could be defined as lace. It’s available in 10 vibrant colors and I chose to buy the Sky Blue, Silver and Gold. I also got some green and pearl holographic glitter (the green I used on this mani) and loads of dots, hex and studs. Prepare to see more of this order soon :)

The Laser Lace wasn’t as easy to work with as it looked beforehand. The lace is very fragile and needs to be handled very very careful or you will make it fall apart. The glitter was just aweful. It has gotten everywhere where it wasn’t supposed to be. It gets delivered in a very small and tightly screwed jar which made me lose a quarter of glitter to just trying to open it. A little note: open the jars etc before you polish your nails. The striping tape is amazing and I can’t wait to use more of this, I got them in silver, gold and black and all in 2 different sizes. The one I used here is the biggest size.

Dollar Nail Art (.com) is a nice and trustworthy webshop with a lot of different nailart supplies. The items you see are $1 each but they also sell some fixed sets of products which differ in price. The shipping costs are rather high in my opinion, the supplies hardly weight anything and still I had to pay $10 to The Netherlands. Please beware that it’s a *requirement* to order for the minimum amount of $25 (shipping does not count) and you can only pay by credit card or paypal. Best thing would be to combine an order with a friend! They ship worldwide.

I’m off to do some work for school now, take care and thnx for looking!

Essence Studio Nails

Guess what I found in our local drugstore today. The Essence Studio Nails fashion stickers. I had read about these before but wasn’t really aware of the fact they would be in stores so quickly. Ofcourse I was curious to these stickers because if this really works it can be a quick, non-messy and stylish way of decorating your nails :)

I bought three different designs of EUR 1,99 each.

Since I figured it was probably going to be a pain to apply (just like all other fullnail stickers I have tried so far) I took the one I liked least: the stripes. Inside the wrapping are 2 small sheets with each containing 7 stickers in different sizes. I personally would have liked if they had focussed more on doing 2 extra stickers in small sizes than the big ones. You got to have real REAL big nails for the last 2 stickers to fit any nail. This is what it looks like:

What I thought would happen happened. It’s really hard to get the right size for your nails. Understandable ofcourse because everyone has different nails. Once you have placed the sticker on your nail it is possible to get it off again to correct yourself if nessecary, that’s nice! I had to cut some edges off on the sides to make the stickers fit better but still got some wrinkles, seems that cannot be avoided (tips are welcome here!!). After some scissorfun this is how it turned out:

To be very honest.. OK it is quick (well…if you have perfect Essence-sized nails that is) and it’s not messy (forget about all the small sticker parts that you had to cut off which are now all over your scissor and hands), and it looks nice, but for me it kinda took away the fun of being creative myself and polishing my nails! Essence claims these stickers stay put for up to 5 days without chipping. I would love to try that out but..I’m not going to keep these on for 5 days haha.

Have you tried these Essence Studio Nails yet? What do you think about them?

Enjoy your day!