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World Cup Mani: Go Holland Go!


How exiting! Tonight’s soccermatch with decide if Holland is gonna be world champion,…or not! Soccer fans in Spain were partying Friday after an octopus called Paul predicted the European nation will win the World Cup. Paul has correctly forecast who will win every World Cup game so far!

Well…lets hope he is wrong this time :/For the most exiting vid ever (read: sarcasm) …look at Paul here: CLICK. Enjoy the match everyone!!!

Peachy Hearts

I couldn’t resist! Halp! The new heart nail art stickers from Essence where practically
screaming at me to be used…yeah..really! This is Catrice I Scream Peach! combined
with white dots made by the ever so useful..
toothpick :-)

Oh look! My mani matches my dress! The dress I couldn’t wear for years cause of
eating too much candiez. At the moment I’m still losing weight, already at 10 kg now,
in 3 months! Woot! Candies are bad ..mkay.

Enjoy your day to the fullest! :)